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Owning a business is not living up to what you imagined….


  • The flexibility to choose what you work on & when. (Store runs at 3am on a Monday just because you can? Yes.)
  • Making a big impact with your skills and feeling amazing about what you do.
  • Never having to ask for a raise again and earning great money doing work you love.


  • Day's starting earlier, finishing later, and hours using the computer doing things you never thought possible.
  • Saying yes to jobs, clients and tasks you hate… because bills are due and you need to get money.
  • Achieving consistent cash flow feels like it will never happen, and you’re not even sure you know where to start.

And, if we’re being Truthful here…

Your new boss is awful.

he’s got you pulling all nighters, very limited sleeping, operating on fumes & desperate to make it all work, and in the meantime…

You’re searching everywhere for the information and answers you need to grow:

  • You’re hoarding all the blogs, joining FB groups, 7-day challenges, and free “masterclasses” you can get your hands on (yes,  it's a fact you will never be getting those hours back)…
  • You’re following all the influencers online everybody praises, but you can’t seem to get their advice to work (and most of it feels sleazy anyway)…
  • You’ve purchased enough online courses to fund an in-state college degree  (how many you’ve actually *finished* is a story for another day)…

… And if someone tries to call you the #BigBoss one more time, there’s a 70% chance you’re gonna slap them.

Instead you’re drowning in an ocean of ideas, templates, 6-figure blueprints and insta-stories — and you can’t seem to separate the wheat from the digital chaff.


Making money from your skills was supposed to be easy… right?
Instead you’re spinning in circles with ideas, templates, 6-figure manuals and hella content — and you can’t seem to get anything working together.

Your mission was to build something that allows you to earn a decent income to live off and make a huge impact, on your terms…

Yet somehow you’ve put together a business using strategies that work for other people, but they sure as hell aren’t working for you.

In short?

You’ve accidentally created a Mut-biz.

What happens when you put your business together with a little of this and a little of that, guessing with misguided advice, tons of online courses and freebies, and a plan that works for another hustler but not you; one that feels totally disconnected from who you are, the way you want to live, and the money you want to make.

Synonyms: soul-sucker, happiness-destroyer, and/or: complete shit show

Example: “Jeff accidentally built a Mut-biz and now he hasn’t put on real clothes for over 6 months, works until 1am even on weekends, and says he has nightmares about some guy called Russell Brunson. We’re thinking of holding an intervention for him.”

Here are A few more signs you’ve got a mut-biz on your hands…

  • Find yourself constantly stressed about money, your offer prices, and where your next client is going to come from…
  • You ask yourself endless questions — “Do I need to find a niche, and how do I do it? Which strategy should I do? Where should I focus next and what’s a total waste of my time…?
  • Operating your business feels like a JOB, and you can’t seem to find the right marketing and sales strategy that feels right and works…
  • You get frustrated because you’re not 100% sure how to find your ideal customer and how to get their attention (and — pay you)…
  • You’re exhausted by how much time and energy your business is taking from you, your family and your friends…
  • Something just seems ‘off” about your packages and services — but you’re not sure what it is…

When you’re running a Mut-biz, the emotional roller coaster becomes REAL

You’re emotions are jumping between feeling anxious, overwhelmed, hopeful, let down, ashamed and fed the hell up…

And on the shittiest days, you wonder whether you’re really meat for this. ( ← I call that voice “lazyass brain”, and it is R-E-L-E-N-T-L-E-S-S.)

Oh, and news flash:
you are the exact one meant for this.

You’re here because you don’t want to give up on this business and yourself…
And you feel it deep down inside— if you just had the right plan that made sense, you could make it all work.

Because with the right plan, you could have…

  • The income and stability you want without doing work you hate, feeling like a sleazy online marketer, or selling your entire life just to get someone to spend $1 on your product or services.
  • The organization and confidence that comes from knowing exactly where to focus in order to grow your business.
  • Some much needed balance in your life and time for yourself again, because you’ve got a profiting business that's not just paying the bills but funding a lifestyle — and it actually *feels* great too.

So let’s do it.

I’m Dr. Travis Davis, and if we have never met before…

I believe you can achieve ANYTHING you try to.

Cliché? Nowhere close.

It’s just what happens when you know what you want and create a plan to execute and make it happen.

And that’s EXACTLY what you and I are going to develop together. 
(No rah-rah manifesting at night required.)
Before we start talks, you’ll spill your business guts and share all the juicy details. You’ll bravely tell me what you have done, and where you are looking at going. You’ll complete a questionnaire that will help me understand your business so we can maximize our time focusing on the future of your vision. This is also your chance to step back and take a clear look over everything and see it all with fresh pair of eyes.
We’ll spend 90 minutes together on a video call, diving in deep to figure out what’s truly got you stuck. You’ll develop a vision for where you really see your business going, and you’ll learn my easy, 3-step hustlers plan for building a path towards your vision and finally feel like you’re making progress. Together, we’ll setup 3 specific action for you to take over the next two weeks to immediately move you towards your goals.
Over the next two weeks, you’ll work on your plan and on completing your recovery steps. You’ll note any challenges, track your progress, and record your results. You’ll practice the planning skills you’ve learned so that your business will stay on track and you’ll continue to move towards your goals, rather than spinning your wheels on things that don’t matter.
After two weeks, we’ll review your progress on a 30-minute call, and discuss any challenges you had, observations, and your new plan for success. You’ll create tangible, and straightforward milestones that align perfectly with your unique goals, so you can make progress quickly and effectively after our call. You’ll use your newly found confidence and determination to turn this business into the business of your dreams.
I’m a business development strategist, which is a sexy way of saying i’m a business coach who specializes in helping people grow and scale their dream business…
… Not just ANY business — but a business that is structured with the sole purpose of supporting you in living your daily life the way YOU want to live it.

I’m talking about:

  • The money you earn
  • The offers you create
  • The customers you work with
  • ​How you work with them
  • ​And all the stuff in between (← NO exaggeration. I’m about to get all up in your business, in the best way possible.)
I’ve been at this for over 10 years and it’s safe to say…

I’ve seen it all and done it all.

All prices are in USD

This isn’t a rags to riches story — you’ve seen plenty of those — but I’ve been exactly where you are.
I have felt the extreme frustrations of running a business that isn’t producing results like it should be.

I know what it’s like to feel that weight on your shoulders, you start to think you’re failing yourself, your vision, and your loved ones.
But I also know how it feels to keep pushing.
To not listen to that voice saying give in. To keep showing up everyday. To go after your vision with 1,000% effort, because you can’t imagine a life where you gave it a percentage less.

You have all the determination you need and then some to make this work. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.

And when your business is properly aligned for who you are and what you want… it won’t feel like work in the first place.
So, the antidote to a Mut-biz?
A willingness to pivot and an executable plan with measurable results.

“I have a Hustlers plan and it works”

The day I started working with Travis, I was making money but felt unorganized, exhausted and hated the work I was doing. Since that day, I’ve more than doubled my prices and I’m doing work that makes me feel good, with clients I love working with — and it’s because Travis believed in my strengths, my passion and determination I brought to the table, then he helped me build a hustlers strategy to support it.

Travis will absolutely push you out of your comfort zone and help you to become braver, bolder, and most importantly, develop a "Just Do It" attitude in a way that ignites your values. He is like a human Google, always able to guide you when you’re feeling confused, worried, alone and needing answers.

I love what i'm doing in my business now. I’m excited about what else is to come. I’m full of energy. And I love that Travis is part of my team, helping figuring it out with me, each and ever step through the process. I have a hustlers plan with a vision and it’s working.

~ Maryesa Jackson
Manifest your Desires and Love Yourself Into Success !!!

It’s time to flip the middle finger to Mut-biz syndrome…
I want to give you EVERYTHING I GOT, that you will need to nurture and grow a business that works for you.
This is your invitation to apply for:
A 4-month limited group coaching program and a guided strategic path towards consistent clients, increased income, and a business you will love to do each and every day
— Even if you have no damn clue what that business looks like yet —
Spend 4 months with me and you’ll get:
  • A millionaire hustlers business passion to profit gameplan, custom developed for your lifestyle and your business
  • My eyes, advice & time dedicated to your business every single week, to make sure I am able to hold you accountable
  • The structure and tools you need to take action and see your goals be crushed 
Here’s how it will go…
MONTH 1: Foundation & Money
Week 1 Live Training

Week 2 Group Coaching Call

Week 3 Guest Expert Training

Week 4 Group Coaching Call
MONTH 3: Boss Marketing & Selling
Week 1 Live Training

Week 2 Group Coaching Call

Week 3 Guest Expert Training

Week 4 Group Coaching Call
MONTH 2: Developing Your Business
Week 1 Live Training

Week 2 Group Coaching Call

Week 3 Guest Expert Training

Week 4 Group Coaching Call
MONTH 4: Systems, Automation, Buy Back Time
Week 1 Live Training

Week 2 Group Coaching Call

Week 3 Guest Expert Training

Week 4 Group Coaching Call
This wouldn’t be cool if I didn’t also
have a special bonus made for you…
3 x 30-minute 1on1 calls with Dr. Travis Davis
At any time in the program, you can schedule no more than THREE 30-minute phone calls with me. It's Completely one-on-one no interruptions. Whether you need me to coach you through an emergency, map out clear directions to complete a task, or just help you get over the gigantic hurdle thats holding you up, we’ll figure it out together.

Consider these calls your 3 lifelines if things get a little crazy along the journey. Spend 30 minutes with me and we’ll put water on the fire (it’s one of my special talents) and get you back on the path to success.
Apply for the Profit + Profit Business Accelerator in less than 3 minutes:
As a reminder, you get:
  • 4 months of live training on the hustlers foundation of my Passion + Profit Business Accelerator
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls
  • Monthly guest experts
  • ​Lifetime access to all of my custom tools to help you design and manage your hustlers plan
  • ​Engaged, passionate online community of hard-working hustlers, entrepreneurs & business owners like yourself
  • ​BONUS: 3 x 30-minute 1on1 calls with me
Get started for
Followed by 3 monthly 
payments of $749
All prices in USD.
Pay in full
Save $247 off monthly 
payment plan
All prices in USD.
I’ll be reviewing each applicant personally and reaching out to the people that fit right for me to book a 100% no obligation call. We’ll speak about your goals for your business and whether the Passion + Profit Business Accelerator is the right move for the both of us.

This program is not designed for everyone and spaces are limited to just 15 seats. I want this to be a perfect fit for you — and if it’s not, trust me I’ll be the first to speak up if my services aren't the best for you at this current time. I only want you to make this investment if we BOTH feel that this is right for you.
Here’s why our 4 months together will change everything for you:

Because with the right plan, you could have…

  • THIS is NOT another online program that leaves you to dry and to figure shit out alone on your own (or even worse… is all a bunch of BS). I’m right by your side to guide you through this journey, each & every single week.
  • This is NOT another online program that gives you the bare minimum, followed by another offer into a higher level mastermind or 1:1 coaching program (ERRR!). This is the exact same system I use with my 1:1 coaching clients and I’m holding nothing back.
  • THIS is NOT a “cookie cutter” business template that someone pieced together in a flash of inspiration from youtube. This system has been trial tested and refined over 10 years, and we’ll customize it just for you.
  • ​This is not a “get rich quick” scheme, blueprint, guarantee or another #WorkFromAnywhere fantasy program. We’re going to show the hell up, do the damn work, and build one hell of a business that makes you feel good.

And one other thing…

I really do give a shit. I’m all in on your success and want to be involved every step of the way. 

Let’s talk about guarantees…
This is the part of the page where I’m supposed to offer a money-back, risk-free, “try-it-and-see for 7 days” guarantee…

But that’s now how I operate at all. I don’t have a money-back guarantee, but I do have a promise & my word:

Since this is a two-way street. And we’ve both got skin in the game here. A lot of energy, effort and years have gone into creating the program and framework in front of you today.

That’s why, when you show up, I make sure I show up for you too. And when you do the work, this shit works.

Over the next 4 months, there won’t be a single week where you don’t feel guided, supported, and clear on what you’re supposed to be working on. What could you achieve with that kind of clarity, direct feedback and support? (I think you already know the answer.)

The Passion + Profit Business Accelerator Framework has helped almost 100 entrepreneurs build a profitable business that works for them and you will be able to communicate with them
So here’s What I promise to you:
If you’re all in with your business — even if the business you want looks different than the one you’ve got right now — then I’m all in with you.
This is not a “buyers remorse” or “I got cold feet” guarantee, and refunds will not be granted if you decide to withdraw from the program. That’s because once you’re in, I’m giving you everything I’ve got to see you succeed. And if you’re struggling at any point during the program, I expect you to reach out and tell me so I can help you.
The only thing left to do is to take a few minutes to fill in your application below.

If it seems like you’re a fit for the program, we’ll arrange a 100% no-obligation call. You’ll get to know me, and ask me all the questions you need answers to so you can be sure that this is right for you.

And if it feels right for both of us? You’re in. We get to work — and then everything will start changing.
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